The symbolism of dreams in a dream Volume 2

The symbolism of dreams in a dream Volume 2


Poyet Karine

Poyet is Karine?

After many trials in his life the author who learned to read at the age of 12, has set itself the challenge of becoming a writer.

At the age of five he lost his sister Karine, this event will result in blocking much of his life!

Only at the age of 28 that the author is aware of his visceral need to write five years later at the age of 33, he published his first book:

The symbolism of dreams in a dream Volume 1.

It is clear to the author that this book is not perfect it is surely the writing mistakes and that is surely the last of the writers.

Nevertheless we can not say that the author is the one who provided the least effort!

With its many mistakes and future, which has modestly learn from it to improve is to allow himself to fail and take each failure as an opportunity to learn, grow, and build a better version of yourself ……

He is also the author of:

  • The symbolism of dreams dreams Volume 1

  • Read the Coffee grounds the cafédomancie

  • Europa are owner Alexandre Lampert (J II Europe)

  • The medium of minds

  • Pluto are owner (Pluto)

“Pluto term anglai pluton”

For precision publishers preferring to call Karine POYET, and you can also find her works under that name.

Poyet Karine is also the creator of several websites on the internet:

Poyet Karine has the honor of being the son of Petit Lampert Peter said:


Peter Horn was the astrologer FR3 Champagne Ardennes Several reports films were devoted by TF1, Antenne 2, FR3 Paris first.

Cité best indicator of France in 1987 …

He has participated in radio programs and written in a variety of newspapers (The Streetlamp, Future Astral, a nod, Mysteria etc.)

He created the school of EIA European IDAD Initiation and the Institute for Divinatory Arts Development.

And many book:

  • Course astrology 1 (1985)
  • Astrology courses (1985)
  • Practical course Tarot (1985)
  • Clairvoyance by phone (1992)
  • The sensitive clairvoyance (1992)
  • The sensitive clairvoyance or your first step towards mediumship (1997)
  • The annual Tarot (1997)
  • Specific questions by Tarot (1997)
  • The hand and revealed secrets (1997)
  • The symbolism of dreams in a dream Volume 2

    The symbolism of dreams in a dream Volume 2